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About Us and What We Do

The Entomologist is a long established supplier of tropical butterfly & moth pupae . Most of our customers are Zoos and butterfly exhibitions but as a passionate breeder of butterflies ourselves we support private customers just as enthusiastically.

The Entomologist is based in Sussex, England & Schiphol, Holland where pupae are received from our breeders each week which are then checked for quality prior to being repacked for our customers. Customers within the EU will receive their pupae from our office in the Netherlands and customers in the UK and outside of the EU will receive their pupae from our UK office.

Pupae are packaged between layers of cotton wool in strong boxes. Note that our butterflies are always transported in pupae form because as such, they are effectively inert and only need ‘due care and attention’ rather than any specialised treatment; they suffer no distress in this form and are on their way to living out their natural lives in a naturalised environment.

The pupae we supply are mostly reared on our own farms in the Philippines and Thailand, staffed by locals who breed multigenerational butterflies in captivity, therefore not affecting the indigenous ecosystem. Equally, this type of farming treats rainforest as a sustainable resource, rather than allowing the land to be cleared.

To give us a broader range of tropical pupae, we also use breeders in Belize, Panama, Ecuador, Suriname Costa Rica & Kenya. All of our breeders adhere to the stringent standards of quality control that we expect of our own farms.

We are very proud of the quality of pupae and reliability of service which we offer – facts that keep regular customers returning to us.

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